Our DataDisplays are expected to be available again from the 19th of November.


Because we have a lot of complains, that people are not able to connect to the car with the OBD2-Port, here is the way how to release the OBD2-Port:

Release OBD2-Port

In order to carry out a diagnosis on the vehicle or to be able to connect a tester to the OBD2-Port, the DataDisplay must be disabled/locked.

(If the OBD2-Blocker is activated in the settings, deactivate it first)

To lock the DataDisplay, press the lock symbol in the main menu.

If not already done, enter a 4-digit PIN (0000 is not allowed). Repeat the PIN to make sure that you have not mistyped.

Then the DataDisplay is locked and the OBD2-Port can be used by external devices.


ATTENTION F-Series: In the F-Series, turn the ignition off and lock the car once. Open the car again and the OBD2-Port is released for other devices.


When the use of the OBD2-Port is finished, the DataDisplay can be unlocked again with the self-selected 4-digit PIN.


Our new display-frame for E8X 1-Series.

New Option: Connect a analog Oilpressure Sensor to our DataDisplay to see the real Oilpressure.

Here are the OEM Numbers of the BMW Sensor which has a very small size.

M12x1,5: 8614494 or M10x1: 8647488 | Housing with contacts: 61132359997

A detailed description about the Sensor and how to connect will follow.

We assume no liability for damage caused by the use, the installation or the DataDisplay itself!!!

Manual switching of the exhaust flap may be illegal in your country!!!